Welcome to the official bKs forum!

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Welcome to the official bKs forum!

Post by zKnuckleS on Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:11 pm

Welcome to the official bKs forums.

Best Kept Secret

Tired of playing alone?  Sick of no communication? Always looking for an ammo box or Health Box?  Well I got news for you!  bKs is looking for you!  We are a clan mainly based in the Battlefield series.  Currently we are looking to expand, to one day fill out a 32 man Conquest side.  Our mission is to ensure all members have fun, play the objective and use team work as much as possible.  Stats don't matter to us as the more you play the better you become.  If you wish to join bKs please visit our recruitment thread and create an application post.  We will contact you when possible and play some games with you to see if you like us and we like you.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy the forums!

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